Waste material briquettes

Celpur briquettes are about 10cm3 and made out of waste material; they are water resistant and attract petroleum based products. Dispatch the briquettes into oil contaminated water and let soak for 15min, the briquettes will absorb the oil and remain floating.


Best-in-class absorption

In highly contaminated water the celpur briquettes absorb 70-75% of their weight in oil. Making it the most compact and effective solution on the market.

This chart shows oil absorption capacity in grams per gram product.


The briquettes can be stored for a long and will remain potent for years. Once used, most petroleum products can be extracted and the briquettes re-used up to 3 times or be used as fuel in heating plants.


Areas of use

Designed to accommodate a wide range of oil spill recovery in water. Available to assemble into various structures for optimal effect in different use cases and easy storage.


Coast guards

Oil rigs

Fire departments


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